Industry and Academic Contributions

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  • Predictive Analytics in Workers Compensation – Using Occupational Health Data to Project Loss Costs
  • Building an Effective Return to Work Program – Helping Injured Workers Get Back to Health and Their Job
  • Disruptive Technology in Insurance
  • Telemedicine in Workers Compensation
  • Opting Out of Workers Compensation – How State Policy in Texas and Oklahoma Can Impact Your Business
  • Medical Marijuana and Workers Compensation Claims – State and Federal Laws and How to Manage Them in the Workplace
  • The Benefits of Medical Roundtables to Manage Claim Cost and Duration
  • Predictive Analytics Significantly Reduces the Costs and Durations of Back Claims
  • Impact of ICD-9 Codes on Claim Costs and Claim Management
  • Medical Only to Lost Time – How Predictive Analytics Can Better Manage Claim Outcomes
  • Investigating Interaction Patterns Among Medical Providers Using Social Network Analysis
  • How Healthcare Technology Shape Health Literacy – A Systematic Review